What People Say About Me

"What Sunny is doing for Diversity and Inclusion and mental health and wellbeing is instructive of his passion and commitment to those whose potential can and should be realised. I think highly of his heartfelt leadership that is as authentic as anyone I have met. Working with Sunny is always enriching and I take away so much learning from his wisdom."

'Sunny is an inspirational leader who has clearly demonstrated his leadership impact within the public sector. His ability to plan strategically, and deliver operational excellence has created positive social change and advanced social mobility. This is something that will now assist the private sector in maximising social impact. His infectious desire to see communities thrive is matched by his technical, political and professional expertise. I have no doubt in his ability to work with others to make our world a better place'.

“I’ve worked with Sunny Dhadley for a number of years now - specifically at international conferences and meetings. Sunny’s a great public speaker, who researches each topic and always intertwines his lived experience. This means that Sunny speaks with authority and credibility. An intelligent and genuine man - Sunny listens with intent and offers his insight at the appropriate time.”

"He is autonomous, efficient and extremely educated in this field and he was able to support the local recovery group form their own company, which has now risen to be a big organisation. Sunny works with conviction and sincerity, his passion can be seen through all of his work as well as his commitment. Thank you Sunny"

"Sunny models values based leadership, his core value is integrity - doing the right thing even when no one else is watching. His skill is being able to start from where you are as opposed from where society thinks you should be - this allows dignity and compassion for ownership of a persons or organisations challenges which in turn enable and empower opportunity for choice and a future with vision. I challenge you to let him into your world."

As drug policy reform evolves and advances globally, professionals with the capacity to understand and analyze unintended consequences of public policies and with a comprehensive vision of the real-life impacts of policies are needed and pivotal. Sunny is one of these professionals, bringing to the debate experiences from the ground, from his own life course and from other people from different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds he served, working towards social justice, financial sustainability and empowerment for the most vulnerable in society.

Sunny Dhadley FRSA

Consultant | Speaker |  Advisor 


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